יום שני, 4 באוקטובר 2010

Diet Coca-Cola creates a pop up oasis In the Dead Sea desert

Using the "Like Machine" consumers was able to share their experiences through their Facebook profile with family and friends.

Diet Coca – Cola Israel wanted to communicate with her 20+ consumers the brand's tag line: "Do what makes you feel good". Diet Coca- Cola and the Promarket Israel agency gave consumers the opportunity to be spontaneous, take a short break from their intense lives and enjoy 24 hours of relaxing and indulging experiences in the Israeli Dead sea desert, combining the style and chic image of the brand with the authentic mood of the desert.

The Diet Coca-Cola, pop- up desert Oasis, "Five stars and a moon", offered its visitors a unique, one of a kind hospitality, from a magnificent and luxurious dinner made by famous Israeli chefs, to intimate acoustic performances by five leading Israeli artists, special workshops such as yoga and tai- chi, an authentic campfire, a drum circle and a breakfast from the chef's kitchen.

Guests could express their appreciation by using the famous "like machines", which were also used at the Coca- cola village, and immediately share their "like" to a certain activity at the resort on their profile, eventually exposing thousands of their friends to the "Five stars and a moon" experience.

Within just a few days from when the promo to the activity launched, "Five stars and a moon" oasis, became one of the most desirable places for the target audience in the country. The resort's luxurious tents were fully booked in less than a week.
The effect was amazing! Thousands of people turned to Coca-Cola and requested to keep the activity going for few more days so that they also will have the chance to experience Diet Coca- Cola's "do what makes you feel good" moments.

The entire oasis resort spread over 5 cycles of 24 hours each. In order to participate, visitors had to buy six Diet Coca-Cola cans/ bottles and pay a nominal fee of 75 shekels (20 dollars).

יום שישי, 3 בספטמבר 2010

LIVE transatlantic performance IN 3D

For the first time in the world, a live performance, broadcasted in 3D on a fixed line, between two continents. The performance was screened in Israel in front of the general public.

Bezeq, Israel's largest telecommunications company, wanted to show the public the capabilities of its new broadband: the The next generation network, Or in short: "NGN".
The Challenge:We wanted to showcase to Bezeq's customers the power and capabilities of the world's most advanced Web technology .

The Solution:To bring one country to another in 3D using the NGN broadband!Or in simple words- bring England to Israel via NGN. We wanted to show that via Bezeq's broadband an entire 3D show can be sent and broadcasted live across the ocean- and thus prove that Bezeq's Broadband, NGN, is the best in the world!

So how was it done?
Promarket Group with cooperation with "Sledge" a London based Production Company, produced an event filmed and broadcasted from London to Tel Aviv.
The opening event took place on the 29.8.10, for 200 leading advertisers in the Israeli business market. On this occasion, Bezeq Israel and BT UK joined together to produce the first 3D live conference that was broadcasted through high speed internet technology. Ian Pearson, BT's Futurologist, gave a live lecture on the future of technology.
This marked the beginning of a public mega event launching NGN technology, which brought the streets of London to Tel Aviv harbor with live 3D broadcastings. Bezeq placed two giant screens at the Tel Aviv port and in the south bank of the Thames River in London. Live shows and concerts took place simultaneously in London and in Tel Aviv as the crowd, in both cities, were able to watch them with designated 3D glasses.The shows included a Chinese circus with dozens of jugglers and acrobats performing on a huge stage fully synchronized in both cities at the same time.The event included many other activities such as cooking shows with a well known chef in London, street performers and musicians.
Near the stage show, we set up a Pop up Store to illustrate how our house will look like in the era of NGN technology.
Results: The event demonstrated the Bezeq NGN broadband lines which allow today's fastest connection and communication from everywhere to anywhere in the world. The general public was invited to come to Tel Aviv port, celebrate the end of the summer vacation with Bezeq NGN and enjoy an abundance of activities for the entire family. Over 100,000 people came to watch the event that was also covered and broadcasted by the media.

Client: Bezeq Israel
Creative and production agency: Promarket Israel
Communication: RRsat
3D broadcasting: Telegenics UK
Production in London: Sledge UK
Broadcasting infrastructure: BT Uk
Shooting production: Done and Dusted UK
3D technology:Inition UK

יום רביעי, 25 באוגוסט 2010

Coca-Cola ZERO man made island in the Red Sea

Coca-Cola ZERO has launched an extraordinary summer attraction in the middle of the Red Sea.

Coca-Cola Zero launched an extraordinary summer attraction in Israel: a mini-island called "Coca-Cola Zero-Zone" that was built as a floating island in the middle of the Red Sea, designed as an urban street, offering a unique sampling experience to its visitors.The "Coca-Cola Zero-Zone", was built and produced by Promarket Israel, covering an area of over 400 square meters and was surrounded by water on all sides. It was built on the northern coast of the Gulf of Eilat, at a distance of about 100 meters from the shore and was accessible only by swimming to it or by shuttle boats. Once you arrived you were rewarded with an experiential sampling of Coca-Cola Zero.
Visitors at the Coca-Cola Zero-Zone enjoyed cold and refreshing Coca-Cola Zero served out of a pool bearing the brand logo, live drumming performances, a variety of games and great music. They all got to kick off their weekends with a private island party! Hundreds of photos were taken on a daily basis and were posted to the brand's Facebook page – where visitors could find themselves, tag the photos and share the experience with their friends.The visitors to the Coca-Cola Zero-Zone also receive a special "Benefits Bracelet" from Coca-Cola Zero, granting them various discounts at dozens of shops, restaurants, bars and other locations in the southern Israeli tourist city of Eilat.

"Cellcom Games Festival"

Cellcom, a leading Israeli cellular provider, has launched new games app in her games portal. Wanting the public to learn about Cellcom's games variety, Promarket agency created the "Cellcom Games Festival". This Festival combined new technology games with old fashion games with a festive twist. The festival took place at the Tel Aviv harbour inviting children and grownups to come and play for free. Among the games people could play "catch me if you can" using GPS, DJ musical chairs, human bowling game, big screen Tetris that can be controlled via cellular phone, Gaga, retro arcade games such as digger, pacman, "Saymon says" using costumized electronic trampoline, DDR contest that was controlled by a screen on the harbour's water and "super cellcom" special costumized game that created interaction between a person tied by long flexible strips and a screen, trying to maneuver and run away from creatures on the screen. Tens of thousands people came to play and celebrate at the 2 days long Festival that was covered by the media.

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Bezeq NGN- transatlantic tug of war

Bezeq, Israels largest telecommunications service provider has launched it's NGN technology, that allows real time, immediate information transference. The event took place at the Tel Aviv harbour where a big screen using the new technology, created a dialog between live events on the stage in Tel Aviv and live events that took place at the Times square New York. People attending the event could watch a live stand- up show with Israeli comedians in Tel Aviv and Israeli comedians in NY,participate in public sing along with a singer hosting the Israeli audience from a stage on Times square, watch magicians, take part in family gathering with people from Tel Aviv meeting their dearest family members that lives in NY, and transatlantic tug of war between Israelis and New Yorkers
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My Coca-Cola

Passover is one of the three important Jewish holydays celebrated in Israel. In this holyday people usually buy a gift for the hosting family, mostly presents the family can put on the festive table.
Coca - Cola gave the consumers a possibility to create an exciting gift for their families and for themselves- a personalized coca cola bottle or can with their own photos and their own wishes.Coca- cola has opened a special microsite where people were invited to design a personalized Coca – Cola can.
The can was sent to the families as a gift for the Passover holiday by a special Coca - Cola delivery service at no cost at all.At the same time, Promarket, a live marketing agency, has created eight coca- cola arenas at city centers across the country. Passers-by were able to design their own custom Coca - Cola bottle label using touch screen computers, and then get their customized bottle on the spot, free of charge. The response was great. Hundreds of thousands of cans and bottles were made during the two week activity. The cans and bottles were then placed on hundreds of thousands of Israeli Passover eve tables.
In order to celebrate the end of the project, thousands of the personalized cans created Coca-Cola's logo on a big billboard

Houses in the forest fair

Tnuva, the largest dairy products manufacturer in Israel, has launched a new TV commercial about the variety of Israeli families and the different life style of each family The ad says that what is common to all Israeli families is the fact that everyone grew up with Tnuva in their homes. Promarket live marketing agency faced a mission: to create an event that allows Israeli families to experience the Tnuva values reflected in the spot.
We created an event called "Houses in the forest", a fair for the whole family in one of the Israel's largest forests. The fair allowed children and their parents to enjoy the nature in the first days of the spring, during the Passover vacation, with all kinds of activities and shows for the entire family.Fair's visitors could enjoy a variety of experiences inside the different houses built in the forest: "The House Of Theater" where a classic children's play was presented;" The House Of Books" where children could enjoy classics of the Israeli children's literature; "The House Of Music" where musical performances were held; "The House of Maze" which was a huge maze for adults and children; "A House On The Lake" which was a floating raft designed as a house; "An Athletic House" which included an omega house, a rope bridge, ladders and other extreme activities; "The Pets House"; "The Craft House" where parents and children could create a souvenir from arts and crafts materials and take it home. A few weeks before the fair, families were invited to write about the meaning of "home" to them and upload it to a designated micro-site. The top ten rated stories became a commix exhibition that was presented at the "Tnuva House" – the central house in the fair. 70,000 people came to enjoy the free of charge fair which became the largest Passover holiday event this year.
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